Muses, the X-T1 renews...

I have always found it amazing how a new camera can change your perspective on things.  In my case, it goes from being primarily someone searching for coastal and surf imagery to everyday things around me that I'd normally not think twice about.  The Fujifilm X-T1 (even though it's been out for quite some time now) has done that...Did it eliminate that need for the sea?  No....but having it in my hands made me look more...not just for subjects but "whys"...I was missing the "whys" for a while...stuck solely on surfing, the ocean and national parks...there are plenty around everyday and I am glad to have rediscovered them.  The great thing is that I've found that the X-T1 has proven just as capable of freezing that surf imagery I love so much...I am hoping to get back on a board soon and then there should be a new phase of fun in the works.


It's a person's worst enemy...and it's almost doubly so for anyone considering themselves a 'photographer'...One of the things I always say in my preferred field of photography, surfing, is that "all the shots have been can't separate yourself from the confines of athletes or the viewfinder."  You might say that's true.  You might say it's not.  But the point is that apathy keeps you from pushing yourself to try new things with your camera...and for a while, I've been feeling a little apathetic and needing a quick shot of creative energy to get it going again.  So, tomorrow, I am heading out and just gonna whammy some different camera settings and shoot away with my DSLR and my film camera...wish my Nikonos was back already but such is life.  A beer or two may help as well...cheers.

Film Gallery posted...

Finally got my rolls of film developed and posted a few shots that I like.  Not many...shooting scenes isn't all that hard but moving subjects with manual focus is a little challenging.  Fun, tho.  And I don't get the immediate feedback of knowing I got it right.  My Nikonos V is here as well so I'll be bringing that in water, and under, for shooting soon.  I grew up shooting film and like to think my method is still primarily rooted in shooting film...but sometimes, I feel the some of the digital advantages make me a little lazy so it's good to get back into the mindset of trying to get everything right in the shot the first time around.  A good, challenging kind of fun.

because a Blog should have stuff in it, right?

Yesterday, I got to shoot with a surfboard shaper, Eric Mitchell, of Oliver Surfboards out of Ventura.  I was excited to get to do this for the first time since the way the bay is lit can make for some cool lighting.  What I didn't expect was that his wife, Carly, would be there as well and she knows a thing or two about prints and art.  He shapes boards and she creates designs...the two complement each other very well.  I look forward to working with both of them in the future.


I get in these moods where I feel like I'm not doing enough to satisfy my urge...No, my need to shoot.  Being away from the ocean makes this need even more pronounced.  So with being so far away, I find myself venturing up into the mountains...Sequoia/Kings National Parks...just that whole area.  Not a short drive by any means but it provides endless inspiration that I only used to get from the ocean.  Yosemite is the mother of all muses when it comes to this (for me)...the problem's all been done before.  How do we portray our national treasures in a different light?  Perhaps, they aren't meant to be portrayed in an HDR-saturated-toned out way...maybe just capturing natural beauty is the answer...maybe.  I don't know.  Whenever I look at an untouched (mostly untouched, anyway) image, It draws me in more than something that was edited to really capture my a kid screaming out, "pick me, pick me..."  Anyway, now that I've been consistently "feeding" off the parks, it's time to get back to the ocean...and surfing...and diving.

A return to film

I know this might date me but I grew up on film...and in HS, I took photo classes with a NEW Canon AE-1.  Learning to develop film and make my own prints was really exciting...I was hooked into photography.  After HS, that hobby kinda laid dormant until I got into diving...again, working with film...A Nikonos-V this time around.  It was painstaking effort to get exposures right underwater...and never sure till the prints came out that my effort was rewarded.  Then digital came around and it immediately seemed to make everything that much "easier"...not easier when getting exposure and composition right...but when you didn't get it right, you had immediate feedback.  The other thing it made easier was being able to capture more subjects and not worry about running out of film...going from snapping off half a roll per subject and hoping 1-2 were good, to an almost unlimited amount of shots was huge...With the advent of Lightroom, Photoshop and other digital editing software, it was now relatively easy to go back and fix long as they weren't catastrophic, of course ;)...even then, they could be manipulated into something.  So now, I managed to pick up an Olympus OM-2n with 50mm lens...I'll start with black and white film for the foreseeable future but I cannot wait to get back into what got me into photography in the first place.  Fingers crossed.