I get in these moods where I feel like I'm not doing enough to satisfy my urge...No, my need to shoot.  Being away from the ocean makes this need even more pronounced.  So with being so far away, I find myself venturing up into the mountains...Sequoia/Kings National Parks...just that whole area.  Not a short drive by any means but it provides endless inspiration that I only used to get from the ocean.  Yosemite is the mother of all muses when it comes to this (for me)...the problem is...it's all been done before.  How do we portray our national treasures in a different light?  Perhaps, they aren't meant to be portrayed in an HDR-saturated-toned out way...maybe just capturing natural beauty is the answer...maybe.  I don't know.  Whenever I look at an untouched (mostly untouched, anyway) image, It draws me in more than something that was edited to really capture my attention...like a kid screaming out, "pick me, pick me..."  Anyway, now that I've been consistently "feeding" off the parks, it's time to get back to the ocean...and surfing...and diving.