A return to film

I know this might date me but I grew up on film...and in HS, I took photo classes with a NEW Canon AE-1.  Learning to develop film and make my own prints was really exciting...I was hooked into photography.  After HS, that hobby kinda laid dormant until I got into diving...again, working with film...A Nikonos-V this time around.  It was painstaking effort to get exposures right underwater...and never sure till the prints came out that my effort was rewarded.  Then digital came around and it immediately seemed to make everything that much "easier"...not easier when getting exposure and composition right...but when you didn't get it right, you had immediate feedback.  The other thing it made easier was being able to capture more subjects and not worry about running out of film...going from snapping off half a roll per subject and hoping 1-2 were good, to an almost unlimited amount of shots was huge...With the advent of Lightroom, Photoshop and other digital editing software, it was now relatively easy to go back and fix mistakes...so long as they weren't catastrophic, of course ;)...even then, they could be manipulated into something.  So now, I managed to pick up an Olympus OM-2n with 50mm lens...I'll start with black and white film for the foreseeable future but I cannot wait to get back into what got me into photography in the first place.  Fingers crossed.